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Radiant barrier insulation is another permanent way to reduce energy costs.  Fiberglass, cellulose, Styrofoam, and rock wool insulation use their ability to absorb or stall conductive and convective heat transfer to insulate (R-value); whereas, radiant barrier reflects radiant heat.

If you have lived in North Texas for long, you know that temperatures can range from 25 degrees in the winter to 110 degrees in the summer.  During the winter 55-75% of heat loss through the roof is radiant.  Likewise, up to 93% of the heat gain in the summer is radiant.  Depending on R-value alone to insulate against heat loss and gain is not recommended.  Fiberglass has little to no effect on radiant heat.

Different Types of Heat:

1. Conductive heat is direct heat.  For example, if you touch a kettle that is on the stove, that is conductive heat.
2. Convective heat is steam.  The steam that is whistling from the kettle is convective heat.
3. Radiant heat is electromagnetic. The rays of sun shining down on your face is radiant heat transfer.

Traditional insulation (fiberglass) combined with radiant barrier insulation is a great, permanent energy efficient investment for your home that will reduce the cost of your energy bills substantially.  Over the course of a 30-year home loan, it could save you $11,000 or more!

Skylights & Solar Tubes

One thing we have a lot of in North Texas is sunshine, so why not use it to reduce energy costs!  Skylights and solar tubes are one practical and cost effective way to “go green” when it comes to your home.  At Charon Roofing Systems, our roofing professionals can assist you in either choosing which option is best for you and your home, or simply replacing your existing system.  

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  1. Blocks Up to 90% of the Heat Without Blocking Your View.
  2. Reduces Energy Costs
  1. Lengthens the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioning System
  2. Offers a Degree of Daytime Privacy 

Solar Screens

Solar Screens are a great, inexpensive way to reduce heating costs during those sweltering summer months.  As an added benefit, your house instantly gains great curb appeal!

Solar Screen Pros: